Credit Repair Plans

At United Legal we’re all about keeping services simple and effective to keep you on the fast track to your goals.

Reports & Scores

$1 trial & $21.99 / month7 day trial
  • 3 Bureau Credit Reports
  • 3 Bureau Credit Scores
  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring
  • $1 Mil Identity Theft Protection
  • Regular Credit Updates
  • Score Booster Resources

Premium Plan

$399 & $99 / monthPremium Plan
  • We Process Your Report
  • We Create Your Dispute Strategy
  • Unlimited Disputes Included
  • We Mail Your Disputes
  • Client Portal Support
  • Unlimited Lifetime Support

What Is The Best Credit Repair Plan For Me?

We package our credit repair plans to address your specific concerns without charging you for unnecessary extras. When you select one of our services (Premium Plan or Credit Monitoring) you know that you are getting the core services that suit your situation, then you can add other custom options to further sculpt our services. This way you are only paying for the services you want and value—that’s true customization.

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“The products and rates advertised on this page may not be available to customers in all states. United Legal’s services and pricing will differ for consumers in Mississippi and Oregon. Consumers in those states can contact United Legal at 877-215-7244 to learn more about the services we offer in your state”.

Meet the Premium Plan

The Premium Plan covers everything from credit repair to restoration coaching.  And provides several cutting-edge components which formulate a multi-tiered approach suited to yield the best possible results faster. If you have compound or more extreme, negative items on your report, the Premium Plan is for you.  

A full Credit Audit via phone can be added for $81.00  Give us a call!


United Legal will send an unlimited number of custom validation dispute letters to the creditors you choose challenging the validity of the questionable items you are disputing.


We’ll send an unlimited number of custom goodwill letters to advise the creditors of your good standing and request that they review the account due to error, any inaccurate information, or even as a courtesy.


At your request, we will send you a personalized recommendation letter to assist you in future dealings with potential lenders.


We’ll monitor your TransUnion credit report at all times and alert you if any of changes could affect your credit score. We’ll also alert you if anyone is trying to use your credit without your knowledge.

Just Credit Monitoring

Providing you with 1 million in identity theft insurance and 24/7 credit monitoring.  It includes everything you need for most standard credit monitoring, and allows you to view each item on your credit report with each bureau you feel is inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, and/or unverifiable in any way.  Unlike some other monitoring options that only show you one or two of the bureaus.  You will also receive regular account updates via email.

3 Bureau Credit Report

View all three bureaus each month with no negative inquiries on your credit.

1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

Not just credit monitoring, but guarding against someone stealing your most precious asset in the market place – your identity.


Includes regular email alerts and updates about your credit with 24/7 credit tracking.  So if anything pops up you don’t recognize, you’ll be the first to know.

Credit Repair Custom Options

United Legal offers the most customizable credit repair programs available – Premium or Credit Monitoring. You can add options at any time, though we suggest adding them when you first sign-up for maximum impact.